Stop COVID-19 Learning materials

Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Posters in Arctic Indigenous Languages

These posters were developed in collaboration between the ARCTICenter at the University of Northern Iowa (USA) in collaboration with Hertzen State University (Russia) and language experts from different Indigenous communities to introduce the “Stop Coronavirus” terminology in several Indigenous languages. Posters tell people about simple rules of conduct during the Covid-19 epidemic. Nine precautionary phrases such as Wash your hands, Cough in your elbow, Keep distance and other were translated by language speakers into Itelmen, two dialects of Koryak, Siberian Yupik, Even, Evenk, Yukagir, Chukchi and Nenets languages.  Most of the languages that the posters are translated into are severely endangered, nonetheless this publication presents Indigenous languages of the Arctic as rather vital and living knowledge systems. While one might think why translating such information into the languages that are rarely spoken and not leave it in a dominant language, for others such projects are a rich source of inspiration, knowledge, and teaching and learning materials that provide ways to bond the ancestral languages and knowledge with the contemporary realities. The phrases are presented through infographics that accumulates the features of the diverse Indigenous cultures of the Arctic.  

Itelmen Koryak-Chavychen Koryak
Nenets Chukchee Even
Siberian Yupik Yukagir Evenki


Плакаты "Остановите распространение коронавируса"

на языках коренных народов Арктики

АнтиКовидные плакаты рассказывают людям о простых правилах поведения во время эпидемии Ковида-19. Серия включает в себя 9 плакатов для следующих языков: Ительменский, Корякский, Корякский (ачайваямский говор чавчувенского диалекта), Ненецкий (лесной диалект), Чукотский, Эвенский, Эскимосский, Юкагирский язык (колымский диалект), Эвенкийский. Чтобы скачать постеры в PDF формате, используйте ссылки ниже, или кликните по изображениям предварительного просмотра ниже.

Ительменский Корякский-Чавученский Корякский
Ненецкий Чукотский Эвенский
Эскимосский Юкагирский Эвенкийский


Chavucenskiy chukotskiy eskimosskiy
evenskiy evenkiyskiy itelmenskiy
yukagirskiy koryakskiy neneckiy


Stop COVID-19 Posters in Indigenous Languages - Videos

Below you can find the posters in a video format, vocalized by the native speakers of the indigenous languages.